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Digitisation of land administration: will it work?

“Digital land administration is the need of the hour”—an op-ed published in The Daily Star on August 19, 2019 reiterated the age-old concern over the inefficiency of the land market in Bangladesh, leading to “unending anguish and frustration for the general public”.

Another victory for Buhari – but what will it mean for corruption?

In 2015 Muhammadu Buhari swept to victory on an electoral ticket strongly featuring a tough stance on corruption. A month ago, Nigerians again rejected an alternative approach offered to support Buhari’s mandate for change. Yet so far, his methods seem to have had little effect. Will another term make a difference?

Could women in Lagos be less likely to engage in corruption than men?

Women in Nigeria’s Lagos State are less likely to engage in corruption than men, according to a survey commissioned by the ACE Research Consortium and conducted last month by Pollit Analytics. The survey, carried out in the Nigerian presidential pre-election climate, asked 500 online respondents about their views on corruption. It offers a snapshot of perceptions and of personal involvement in corrupt activities in the state, as well as of differences by gender.

Combatting corruption the smart way

Jibrin Ibrahim of CDD Lagos reflects on applying ACE's unique approach to combatting corruption in Nigeria in an opinion piece in Nigeria's Premium Times.

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