Advisory board

ACE Advisory Group

ACE’s Advisory Group (AG) provides advice to the FCDO-funded ACE programme and in particular to the Executive Directors who head the two parts of the programme: Prof Mushtaq Khan at our Anti-Corruption Evidence Research Consortium at SOAS, and Prof Paul Heywood who leads the ACE Grants scheme at Global Integrity.

The AG has two basic roles: i) to advise on research strategy and methods and ii) to advise on and support engagement with policy makers, and research uptake.

The AG members were selected for their variety of expertise in research and policy making, coming from different countries and organisations.  Those invited to the first meeting were:

  • Peter Evans, FCDO
  • Sarah Birch, King’s College London
  • Mark Butler, CDC group
  • Fredrik Eriksson, Chr. Michelsen Institute / U4
  • Duncan Green, Oxfam
  • Maggie Murphy, Transparency International
  • Bo Rothstein, Blavatnik School of Government
  • Tina Søreide, Norwegian School of Economics
  • Joel Turkewitz, World Bank
  • Robert Wade, London School of Economics
  • Shadrach Haruna, Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Nathalie Delapalme, Mo Ibrahim Foundation
  • Phil Mason, Independent

The FCDO will convene an advisory group meeting when there is a specific need for advice and engagement, and the invited membership may change depending on the specific needs.